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Loisa Andalio Points Knife To Manolo Pedrosa, Might Get Force Eviction?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pbb All In housemate Loisa Andalio might get the "Force Eviction" penalty after pointing a knife to Manolo Pedrosa.

According to Pinoy Big Brother rule book, “Any housemate who becomes violent will be removed from the house immediately.”

Though it seems just for fun, pointing a knife is considered as "violent act" and can be subjected to PBB rule violation.

We could recall in the previous edition of Pinoy Big Brother that Eslove Briones received the force eviction penalty for having the same incident. He was force evicted for pointing a knife and saying some threatening words to fellow housemate. 

For Loisa's case, it was a pure joke but will she receive the same fate like Eslove? Write your opinion on the comment section.

Below is the video of Loisa Andalio jokingly pointing a knife to Manolo Pedrosa, watch!

What do you think?...

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